Aubree Saia’s yoga teacher training program is so thoughtful and thorough. Her knowledge is
extensive and rooted in ancient yogic philosophy and practices. This woman embodies yoga
and she does so from a very authentic place. She is truly passionate about the medicine that
yoga has to offer both in the postures and in the deeper philosophical teachings. From a
practical standpoint, her program also sets aspiring yoga teachers up for success. She shares
her extensive knowledge of hands-on assists and enhancements and requires that you do quite
a bit of teaching and preparation prior to certification. By the time I completed her program and
its requirements, I felt very prepared to lead yoga classes and to do so safely, with integrity and
from my own authentic space. I felt Aubree was supportive, encouraging and empowering. A
program of this nature requires that you be particularly ambitious and self-directed. It is well
worth the investment if you are seriously considering deepening your practice for yourself or if
you hope to share your knowledge and enthusiasm with others. I highly recommend her
program and her classes! She is a gem!**

Katie FritzAcupuncturist

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